Did you know that water has a secret message? It has been investigated whether the molecular structure of the human body and water, which covers more than 70% of the earth we live in, is affected by people’s thoughts, words and the music they listen to.

The Japanese researcher named Masaru Emoto, who made this research, focused his studies in this direction. He argued that the quality of life of people is related to the quality of water in their bodies and on the ground. The researcher stated that it is possible for people to heal and eat themselves and the planet they live on, thanks to positive thoughts brought to life.

Music Therapy for Water Molecules

Masaru Emoto benefited from music therapy. He decided to see the effects of music on the structure of water. By placing distilled water between two music speakers for a few hours, he photographed the crystalline forms of the water after freezing. And it gave us the opportunity to see these incredible photos.

Emoto studied the effects of thoughts and words on the formation of water crystals. The words play on cassettes in glass bottles throughout the night. The researcher’s studies have resulted in positive results.

Water molecules; It is influenced by our thoughts, feelings and the words we use. The images shown and the music played. The message of water is important for our individual health, renewal of nature and world peace.

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