Did you know that you can load positive energy into any object or any substance? Everything in the universe is made up of molecules. Every object has an energy emitted and an energy frequency value it has. There are various methods to raise the energy frequency of objects. You can load positive energy to an object or substance with beautiful words or beautiful music. In this way, the energy frequency to be emitted by an object exposed to positive energy will also be high.

In this sense, many scientific studies have been carried out. There is a lot of scientific evidence proving that words of love to water, flowers and many different creatures, and beautiful music listened to, change their molecular structure and beautify them. We are also in the production process; We transmitted vibrations from the frequency of love to all of our 18 oils in the series. We benefited from 7 beautiful compositions of Beethoven and Mozart for the 852 Hertz (Hz) Love & Affection Frequency, 528 Hertz (Hz) High Energy Frequency, and 963 Hertz (Hz) Positive Energy Frequency.

Afterwards, we chanted the words of high Vibration Love, affirmations and mantras to all our oils in a certain number of live voices. We transmitted vibration to all oils accompanied by a live sound frequency with our “Own Ritual”. We named this process “Beauty Affirmation at the Molecular Level & Frequency of Love”, which is done in order to increase the effect of these oils, which are already healing even without doing anything in their unique nature.

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