Breaking new ground in cosmetics, Ferew Cosmetic will be your indispensable with Squalene sets. Thanks to its enriched special formula, Squalene sets will enthrone your heart. Everyone will be talking about Ferew’s Squalene sets!

Squalene oil, which is beneficial to beauty, is an oil that the skin produces naturally, while it is an oil that reduces the body’s production as you get older. In order to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, the skin should be supported with squalene oil supplementation in later ages. Squalene sets specially formulated by Cosmetic are suitable for all skin types. With the difference of Ferew Cosmetic, Squalene sets will also be the favorite of everyone.

Special Formula Squalene Series

Squalene Night Care Oil Special Series for Sun Spots has the feature of removing sun spots with its sesame oil and geranium oil. It makes the skin revitalize and look younger. Squalene oil, which provides a moisturizing effect, will revitalize your skin.


Special Series Anti-Aging Care Oil for Facial Massage, with its special formula enriched with squalene oil, apricot kernel, grape seed, orange oil and jojoba oil, helps to correct the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the skin, balance the skin tone and make it look smooth.

Anti-Acne Pore Tightening Special Series Care Oil is a wonderful product specially formulated for oily skin that may be prone to acne. It will help to clean the skin deeply and moisturize your skin without making it greasy with the tea tree and lemon oil in it. With the squalene oil in its content, it will ensure that the skin regains its natural moisture balance.

Refreshing&Illuminating Special Series Night Care Oil is a natural beauty mask with moisturizing and antiseptic properties that slows down the aging of the skin thanks to squalene oil, rose oil, Alpha Arbutin and rice oil. Thanks to rose oil, it purifies the skin from oil and dirt and reduces acne problems. In addition, thanks to its antioxidant feature, it evens the skin tone and is good for the problem of blemishes.

Special Series Tropical Oil with Natural Moisturizer helps you have a cleaner, tighter and fresher skin appearance with squalene oil, patchouli oil, marula oil and Neroli oil and orange flower. With its high moisturizing feature, your skin will be saturated with moisture.

Repairing&Brightening Special Series Night Care Oil helps revitalize the skin with squalene oil, rosehip seed oil, lavender oil, almond oil and rice oil. Thanks to the vitamin E it contains… It meets the moisture need of the skin and repairs the skin and prevents damage.

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