We inspired by the healing power of love. We coded in the language of love. So, we developed the formula of the Squalene Series with the power of love.

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules and we have gone deep into these molecules. All we saw was only the “Flickering Frequency”. In many scientific experiments until that date; It has been scientifically proven many times molecular beautification with “Sound Frequency” transmission after applications such as prayers, love lyrics, beautiful compositions or live sound. In Our Production Process; We made an affirmation with live sound ”From words with high resonance” one by one, all of our 18 Oils in the series. We also said these words with certain complements and certain numberings for each oil.

Afterwards, We continued our ritual with Music, mantras and 7 specially selected compositions at a frequency of 400-900 Hz. We named “Beauty Affirmation at Molecular Level and Love Frequency Ritual” to this ritual, which we put a lot of effort and heartily. We crowned our production process with University Laboratory Analysis to prove the natural components of these medicinal oils not subject to any processing in its own nature and the purity of the content. Heal with love!

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