Do you know that water has memory? Various affirmation methods applied to increase the healing of water. For example, the water we give to someone by uploading a frequency for healing, cleans and purifies the body of the person who drinks it.

Affirmation methods used in health, aesthetics, cosmetics and healing are very important. It is a well-known fact that a beautiful word or prayer said to water turns water into a source of healing. It has been proven by studies and researches.

According to the researches, there are crystals in the water and these crystals keep the information in its memory. It has been recorded that there are 444 thousand information cells in the memory cell of water. The exchange of information between cells occurs thanks to water. Water takes information and carries it to other cells.

Water has its own memory. It influences by positive and negative words. We can use the miracles of water in our daily lives. The power of water should not be underestimated. The impact and energy it gives is very high. The intention you make before drinking your water. The affirmations you use will come back to you as healing and miracles.

Whatever intentions you say, you get the same response. There is 70% water in our body. Even in your daily conversations, water copies many things you say and distributes them to the cells. Therefore, you can create amazing changes in your life by programming. The water in your body with positive sentences.

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