What is Spiritual?

In fact, although if it seems like we are talking about something different when we say Spiritual, the subject is “Spirit”. Spiritual is an adjective used for people who know how to put their soul at peace, choose to be at peace with themselves in their inner world and adopt positivity in their way of thinking.

I like to describe the Spiritual as “The Science of the Spirit” “Knowing the Essence”.

What is Spiritual Awakening in Recent Years? What do spiritualism and science have in common?

When you start to question everything in the universe, you leave the field of science and enter the field of meaning. Making science gain spiritual meaning takes you to the spiritual dimension. That’s when science becomes meaningful.

When we go beyond science, we turn to the spiritual realm. When we include positive thoughts and positive energy in our lives, the transition to spiritual life begins. Spiritual awakening occurs the moment we can internalize positivity and adapt it to our lifestyle. Stating that knowledge has no meaning on its own, Researcher Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan, on spiritual life, said, “Meaning and context are already leading towards the spiritual realm. Science workers like Newton are all people who have touched on spiritual issues.” made in the statements. Thus, it is desired to draw attention to the fact that science should also touch on the spiritual in order to gain meaning and meaning. It is about a full transition to spiritual life with a spiritual awakening beyond science.

“Science becomes meaningful when a real scientist leaves the pursuit of knowledge and pursues meaning. Because it is spiritual. The Western equivalent of pursuing the spiritual is ‘Spiritual’. That is, it is Spiritual.” used the phrases.

“The field we call spiritual is inevitable” The limits of logic are limited to matter. In that case;

What is the substance?

Substance is an illusion completely. Human was created from a substance that disappears and reappears every 10-46 seconds. The atom splits, the particles below it split and what we see when we go deep into the atom is vibrating energy. Vibrating Strings only! So to speak, like a violin bow. The essence of Illusion, which we call substance, is actually something like a symphony… Every substance has a resonance frequency when stimulated. At the same time, science has previously proven that all molecules have separate consciousness. So, what do we have when we manifest all this in our perception?

Everything in the universe is energy and we are “Spirit” beings with consciousness that can direct this energy.

The body mixes, the mind becomes blurred, but whether it is matter or return to meaning, the “ESSENT” is there.

With love.

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