As Ferew Cosmetic, We produce in high and boutique standards. As proof of our reliable production, our products have passed the Pesticide Analysis. Every oil we produce is important to us and is the apple of our eye. We would like you to know that our production process takes 1 year in order to ensure quality production and we would like to state that we perform a special ritual with each oil during the production process of this Series. For this reason, we are produced a limited number of 1444 pieces.


Mediterranean Region & Teke region is like a raw material paradise. Our Production Facility is directly in the Agricultural Lands Region. We take it from the heart of nature, from the Mediterranean region, which has a rich plant diversity.


In this context, Ferew Cosmetic has developed a squalene series formulated with different contents, in which valuable oils are combined. Squalene oil, which is beneficial to beauty, is an oil that the skin produces naturally, while it is an oil that reduces the body’s production as you get older. To maintain the moisture balance of the skin, the skin should be supported with squalene oil supplementation in later ages. We state with confidence and faith that;

”A Series that will make your skin bloom.”


With lots of love!